I feel I was very fortunate to meet Bettina when I did because I wasn’t comfortable with my previous advisor.  I chose to work with Bettina because upon meeting her, I immediately felt she was genuinely interested in my financial objectives and helping me to meet them.  My main financial planning concern was risk and she helped me strategize a plan so that I was comfortable in what I was investing in.  She does a complete overview of a client’s finances and explains and discusses all the different investment opportunities and risk potential to formulate a plan to reach that client’s goal.  Working with Bettina I now have a well-balanced portfolio with which I feel very comfortable with.  She keeps all her clients well-informed when there are changes in the market and makes me feel confident in my investments!

Jayne R.Client since 2006

Knowledge + Customer Service; this is the combination that continues to be the  trademark success of our relationship with Bettina.  For over 6 years now we’ve continued to grow our financial strategy and investment, confident that we’re in good hands.   It’s important for our peace of mind that as our lifestyle evolves, we have solid guidance and insight, that is consistent with our long-term goals.  Bettina has shown that she is capable, and responsive.  Responsive to the ‘life situations’ that we all experience; and as a result, she helps us to overcome short-term problems by adapting our strategy as required, in order to keep us on track for the long-term.

Gary L.Client since 2001

I chose Bettina as my Financial Advisor as I was looking for someone who I could trust to help me with my portfolio and would be willing to put in the time to get a full understanding of my financial planning needs. My main financial concern was planning for my future retirement and I have felt very comfortable working with Bettina to achieve this and am very happy with the results from our working together towards this goal.  She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of financial planning products and services including life and/or disability insurance and is able to recommend what would fit for each individual. As such I have recommended her to friends who are also very comfortable and happy working with Bettina towards their own financial goals.

Sheila W.Client since 2003

I have been working with Bettina for 20+ years.

Bettina managed my RRSP and now manages my RRIF and TFSA with an informed and realistic understanding of both my needs and the financial products available. Her intelligence and ability to listen help her to skillfully bring these two together.

I highly recommend Bettina to anyone starting to invest as well as to those already with investments.

She has a steady and true guiding hand. I am very grateful to have her on my team.

Marymargaret G.Client since 2001

In the past four years, as my wife Laura and I have grown from a couple to a family of four, we have had an ever‐increasing number of interactions with financial professionals (e.g., tax attorneys, financial advisors, insurance agents, real estate agents, etc.). After interviewing, hiring, and interacting with dozens of such professionals, we have found Bettina to be not only the most trustworthy, but the only advisor that has earned our complete trust.

Bettina’s trustworthiness is, in our opinion, one of her best qualities and one of the most important qualities in a financial advisor. This trait can be seen in how thoroughly she explains her own incentive system before she will allow you to invest with her. Yet trustworthiness is not just about transparency, trustworthiness grows from a record of performance. As Bettina advised us on several major decisions (e.g., when to buy a house, etc.) our trust for her continued to grow. In each case her advice has not only stood the test of time, but it was also in agreement with the best independent advice we could find. Simply put, Bettina’s transparency and her perfect track record have effectively put her in our inner circle.

David S.Client since 2008

While trustworthiness is the most important quality in a financial advisor, level‐of‐service is also extremely important, as it’s necessary to be up‐to‐date on your financial situation so you can respond to emergencies quickly. When working with Bettina, she setup regular meetings that quickly and effectively kept us up‐to‐date on our current situation and allowed us to have time to think about upcoming decisions. She prepared meticulously for each meeting and, as a result, our precious family time was not wasted. During the course of our time with Bettina we have had several urgent financial decisions to make.

As you may gather, both my wife and I are extremely satisfied with Bettina’s advice, and we give her our highest recommendation for those seeking financial advice. Her unique combination of trustworthiness and an extremely high level‐of service make her well suited for the job.

David S.Client since 2008

Being a busy professional, I didn’t have time to monitor how my investments were doing or research trends and issues.  Leaving all this to Bettina relieved me of this pressure and I’ve seen great results that are letting me have funds set aside for the big ticket items in my life!  I completely trust Bettina.  She will do her homework and make recommendations that are in line with my long term goals.  I have recommended her expertise to family and friends!

Ravinder R.Client since 2003

Bettina has been my financial planner for ten years and I have nothing but positive things to say about her.  As I am fairly ignorant when it comes to financial matters, working with someone who is knowledgeable, so helpful in sharing that knowledge in an understandable way, and most of all, who is trustworthy, has been invaluable. Her guidance and help in investing my money has proven to be most beneficial and I always feel confident and secure in what I know to be true- that Bettina always has my back and is truly looking out for me. Just as she has been in the past, Bettina has been there again, most recently, as I have had to make big changes in my life requiring her financial expertise. Her competency and wise direction, along with genuine kindness, have resulted in reduced stress levels and a feeling that I am better equipped to move forward. I am fortunate that Bettina was recommended to me many years ago and feel so grateful for her continued and consistent support of not just myself but of my whole family.

Sue D.Client since 2010